Taxi Safety

Thinking of getting a taxi home?

This page gives a few do's and don'ts about how to get home safely, or generally how book a taxi in a safe manner.



  • Pre-book your journey

  • Ask for quote when booking

  • Make sure you are entering the correct vehicle

  • Confirm the booking with the driver

  • Ensure the driver is wearing a council badge complete with photograph


Make sure the vehicle has:

  • Council door signs affixed to it

  • Company door signs

  • Current front and rear licence plate

  • An internal plate number

Example Door Signs


  • Enter a private hire vehicle that you have not booked. It is not insured to carry you and may not even be licensed


When hiring a Hackney Carriage always:

  • Ensure that the driver is wearing his badge

  • Make sure that the vehicle is fitted with a white licence plate on the rear

  • Make sure that there is a plate number and drivers badge on the internal screen

  • Check that the meter is engaged before you start the journey

Example Taxi Driver Badge

Going home alone?

Why not... phone home or text a friend and give them details of the hired vehicle and when you are expected home.


At taxi ranks always:

Wait at the front of the stand. At busy times marshals may be around to assist in queuing arrangements.


Taxi phone numbers

AAA Taxis - 01772 555999

Miller City Taxis - 01772 884000

New City Taxis - 01772 824000

Ashton Allied Taxis - 01772 734000

Eagle Taxis - 01772 200300 

Checkers Taxis - 01772 204003   

Red Rose Taxis - 01772 746620


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