Bedroom 1

Entry Code C 2 4 6 7 X

Welcome to Fern Lodge and thank you for booking with us.

Room 1 is located on the second floor at the top of the stairs to the front of the property.  just enter the above code on the buttons on the door control and turn the handle to gain entry. You will need to make sure you keep this number on you at all times so as not to be shut out of your room. The door can be set for free access; details on how to do this are posted on the notice board in the lounge by the entrance door.


CCTV cameras are in use in the communal areas only. We do not sit and watch you. They are for your safety and for the safety of the property as well.


This property is a NO SMOKING environment. The house is fully fitted with class one smoke detection system which will sound off throughout the house at the slightest indication of smoke resulting in the need for the alarm to be reset by an engineer, cost being passed onto the offending person’s

Please read the 

House Manual

Emergency Phone Number 07506110985