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Hello and welcome to Fern Lodge Preston. I have made every effort to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible all at a reasonable cost;we aim to be the most competitively priced accommodation in Preston

Please ensure that laptops and handheld devices such as phones, tablets ect are not left on the bed whilst plugged in and charging. Whe have received reports of fires starting due to the devices not receiving air and eventually causing extensive fire damage and possible risk of life.


As with any accommodation we have a set of rules which I would request you abide by. As you will be aware we have CCTV in certain locations within the house, breach of the rules will result in the local constabulary calling to remove you from the property. Our rules are for the benefit of all the guests who stay at Fern Lodge.


This Property house is a NO SMOKING environment. The house is full fitted with class one smoke detection system which will sound off throughout the house at the slightest indication of smoke resulting in the need for the alarm to be reset by a engineer, cost being passed onto the offending persons


Fern Lodge is fitted with emergency lighting which remains on 24/7 365 days per year. In addition all rooms are fitted with conventional lighting;we would ask that you ensure any room lighting is turned off when not in use or when you are vacating the premises.


Please ensure that you turn all water taps off when you have finished with them


Each bedroom has a full fire exit plan located on the bedroom door, please take the time to read this plan. The rear door in the kitchen is for emergence exit use;it is unlocked and will only open from the inside. In the event of a fire which cannot be dealt with by use of the fire extinguishers which are located in the building, please go directly to the front or rear fire exits. Locate a telephone and dial 999. Please do not wait to collect your personal items, vacate the building as soon as possible


There are 2 fire extinguishers located in the building, one is at the entrance to the kitchen door from the lounge area, and the second is located at the top of the stairs. These are provided for use in case of a minor emergency which can be easily handled to prevent further endangerment. In addition to this we have provided a fire blanket which is located on the far kitchen wall adjacent to bedroom 4 doorway


The bedrooms are fitted with push button door entry coded locks. You have been given a unique door code for your room. To enter press the buttons on the door control and turn the handle to gain entry. Important point, you will need to make sure you keep this number on you at all times so as not to be shut out of your room. The door can be set for free access;please see the following details on how to do this: To Allow Unrestricted Access   1.   Press down the handle   2.   Lock the holdback button   To unlock the holdback function Press the handle gently. Unlock the holdback button by sliding to the opposite side. Release the handle, the lock will now operate normally again.                                                                                                          



The house is WIFI enabled;you will need to look for EE Brightbox-SB5a77. Password:Item-equip-raw


At Fern Lodge we operate a quiet Policy between the hours of 11.00 PM amd 7.00 AM. This is because other guests maybe sleeping. Please be considerate to others, or you may be asked to leave the premises. Thank you.


The hot water is supplied n demand by a combi boiler. PLEASE ALLOW THE WATER TO RUN A WHILE TO ENABLE HOT WATER TO FLOW.



The heating is preset to come on when the room temperature falls below 20 degrees. You do not need to do anything. Each room will also have a manual valve to adjust your radiator output should you require.



The TV in the lounge is there for the benefit of all guests, please consider the other guests who have also paid to use this facilitiy. 



Thinking of getting a taxi home? This page gives a few do's and don'ts about how to get home safely, or generally how book a taxi in a safe manner.  Always: Pre-book your journey  · Ask for quote when booking  · Make sure you are entering the correct vehicle  · Confirm the booking with the driver   · Ensure the driver is wearing a council badge complete with photograph  Make sure the vehicle has: - Council door signs affixed to it - Company door signs - Current front and rear licence plate - An internal plate number.  Never:- Enter a private hire vehicle that you have not booked - It is not insured to carry you and may not even be licensed - When hiring a Hackney Carriage always:- Ensure that the driver is wearing his badge -  Make sure that the vehicle is fitted with a white licence plate on the rear - Make sure that there is a plate number and drivers badge on the internal screen - Check that the meter is engaged before you start the journey.  

Going home alone?   Why not... phone home or text a friend and give them details of the hired vehicle and when you are expected home. At taxi ranks always: Wait at the front of the stand. At busy times marshals may be around to assist in queuing arrangements. 


AAA Taxis - 01772 555999 

Miller City Taxis 01772 884000 

New City Taxis - 01772 824000  

Ashton Allied Taxis - 01772 734000  

Eagle Taxis - 01772 200300   

Checkers Taxis - 01772 204003 

Red Rose Taxis - 01772 746620

Local Doctors  

Park Medical Practice, Cottam Lane Surgery, Cottam Lane, Ashton, Preston, Lancashire PR2 1JR. Tel:01772 726500

Royal Preston Hospital 

Sharoe Green Lane North, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9HT Website:  Tel:01772 716565  Email:

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